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List of Current & Recent Tarr-Whelan & Associates Clients (2001-2006)

Aspen Institute - Global Interdependence Initiative

Created, researched and wrote the 2002 Aspen Institute "prime listeners" report on "Mapping the Wider Constituency for Global Interdependence, a project supported by a grant from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The report, done in concert with the Benton Foundation, provided a new look at potential domestic partners for a new multilateral view of international relations for the United States and how such a campaign might be organized. (Washington, DC)

Beaufort Performing Arts, Inc.

Served as pro-bono strategic and development consultants to this 3-year old rapidly growing community arts group. (Beaufort S.C.)

Call To Renewal

Consultants to the broadest table of religious groups - theologically and politically - working to end poverty. Developed their major new initiative the "Living Family Income Campaign", a campaign which seeks to establish a living family wage for American families based on the belief that no one who works should be in poverty. The group brings the weight of religious belief to this major social issue. (Washington DC, 2004-5)

Calvert Group

Provide the largest social responsibility mutual fund in the U.S. with a series of strategic and outreach services related to launching The Calvert Principles for Women, a global code of conduct to empower, advance and invest in women. This first ever such screen will help investors gauge the performance of companies and will tie the principles into its marketing strategy. This is a long-term effort and TWA is responsible for developing and to a large degree implementing a continuing roll-out strategy that will develop the outreach efforts and raise the awareness of the work of the Calvert group in the area of women's rights. (Bethesda, Maryland, 2004-5)

Communications Consortium Media Center

Strategic development, outreach, facilitation, fundraising and program development work with CCMC, a public interest media firm, from 2002 to 2004 to provide a wide range of strategic consulting services for several of their projects and on behalf of several of their foundation clients. Work has included women's economic issues globally and domestically, US support for international treaties (particularly the convention to find all discrimination against women - www.womenstreaty.org) and mobilization of American women on global issues. Under a Rockefeller Foundation grant, the consultant wrote the lead chapter for an extensive report on women, work and globalization. (Washington, DC)

Corporate Voices For Working Families

Working with the founder and President from 2001-2006 we have helped to create and develop a new nonprofit arm for major US corporations (most are Fortune 500) to press for public policies to support working families. Consulted on strategies to grow and fund the organization into the leading private sector group in the area of work and family policy (early education, after-school, elder care, flexibility and family economic security) with over forty partner companies. Built external relations with government, the White House, governors, NGO's, the press and decision-makers. Continue to provide strategic advice and guidance to the President and staff. (Washington, DC)

Corporation For Enterprise Development

In 2001, developed a staff engagement process and then facilitated a staff retreat to look at this national non-profit's three-year plans and goals and obtain staff buy-in for an organizational change of direction. (Washington, DC)


In 2006 we began to serve as senior consultants to the CEO of this think tank and network of ideas and action. Linda also holds a Distinguished & Senior Fellowship for Women’s Empowerment from Demos (New York City)

International Alliance of Patient's Organizations

As consultants to the IAPO board in 2001-2002 for this nearly one hundred member, forty-country organization of health related patients groups. Wrote a three-year development and growth plan and how to sell it to stakeholders (London. England)

International Society For Third-Sector Research

ISTR is an 800 member international organization of researchers, practitioners and educators on the growth of civil society based at Johns Hopkins University. We were engaged in 2003 to lead a strategic planning process to increase the number and engagement of members that included re-vamping membership recruitment materials, changing the organizational "pitch" and recommending improved services to reflect the changing needs of their membership. (Baltimore, Maryland)

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

In 2002-2003, we developed a strategic plan for a major initiative of the Philanthropy and Volunteerism program of the Foundation, "Unleashing New Resources for the Common Good" to incorporate policy activities into the grant making process and outcomes. This initiative widens the customary approach of philanthropy to include new actors and styles of giving and volunteering. (Battle Creek, Michigan).

Legal Momentum (formerly NOW Legal Defense)

We have served as senior strategic consultants (2001-2005) to the President and Deputy Executive Director for the development, launch and implementation of a national ten-year campaign to ensure childcare for every child that needs it and every parent that wants it. The campaign has been successfully launched with the press and decision and policy-makers; the virtual campaign website includes a copy of the report and principles for the campaign, "Family Initiative; Better Childcare, Preschool and Afterschool", focus groups have been held for message development, a national advisory commission is in place and the initiative is underway. In 2004 co-authored Early Childhood Education for All – A Wise Investment, (available at www.familyinitiative.org) and participated actively in launching the public campaign. (New York, New York)

Mills College

In 2003 we undertook a strategic review and interview process for the President of this liberal arts college for women to examine and make recommendations regarding the management structure of the college under a newly adopted strategic plan adopted by the Board of Trustees. At the President's request, the consultants also briefed the board on the findings and recommendations. (Oakland, California)

National Health Council

Strategic consultants for the development of a multi-year initiative, Putting Patients First to educate, engage and motivate patients and consumers to advocate for quality patient-centered care as an overriding component of the health care reform debate at the local, state and national level in 2004. The National Health Council is a membership organization of 115 voluntary health agencies, professional and consumer groups and corporate representatives. (Washington, DC)

National Council For Research on Women

In 2003 we developed a long-term strategic plan to extend and expand the work of the organization that is a network of 95 women's research centers through the Chamberlain Initiative. To be launched in 2004, this initiative will maximize the resources and visibility of NCRW to amplify and engage its member centers as a proactive force for positive social change and provide research on women across issues to the press, decision-makers, corporate leaders, sister organizations and the public at large.
Tarr-Whelan & Associates helped develop, edit and launch the Council's major report "Missing: Information About Women's Lives about how crucial data about women and girls has disappeared or been distorted by the Bush Administration. The report can be viewed at www.ncrw.org/misinfo (New York, New York)

Open Society Institute and Open Society Policy Center

In 2002-2003, the firm served as a senior strategic consultant to the foundation and its Washington-based policy center to provide public education to the media and policymakers on the ratification of CEDAW, the Treaty for Rights of Women. Provided strategic advice and outreach activities, acted as spokesperson, and facilitated meetings of senior staff of supporting groups. (New York, New York and Washington, DC).

Organization of American States (IACD)

In 2003, we served as strategic management consultants to the Secretary-General of the Inter-American Agency for Cooperation and Development (IACD), the development arm of the OAS, an international organization of the 34 countries of the Americas. Created the design and managed the process and subcontract for the pilot phase of the E-Government Best Practices Forum with 3 virtual conferences including 18 nations and led by Chile, Canada and Brazil. (Washington, DC)

Quantum Leaps

Tarr-Whelan & Associates is a strategic partner for the development of this global hub for the acceleration of women's entrepreneurship founded in October 2002 and completed a Mapping Project on Support for Women's Entrepreneurship in 2003 for the major sponsor, the Kauffman Foundation. This initiative focuses on women's entrepreneurship as a major driver of economic growth in developed and developing nations. Quantum Leaps has created a Global Brain Trust of prominent women worldwide from business, government, the third sector and academia; developed a virtual website, conducted a series of virtual conferences and best practice exchanges, held a Tri-lateral Virtual Conference (UK, US and Canada) on best practices and US-based roundtables in Atlanta, Silicon Valley and Washington, DC in 2004. All events led up to a major OECD world economic conference in Istanbul in 2004. (Atlanta, Georgia)

Society for International Business Fellows

Retained in 2005 by this 400 member organization of senior executives, primarily from the South, to develop and implement a strategic process to build internal understanding, clarity, commitment and a financial base for an SIBF Foundation (Atlanta, GA)


Tarr-Whelan & Associates acted as strategic consultants to this the largest and most effective voice for a progressive view of religion. We advise its leader, Jim Wallis, on how to turn his vision of a progressive view of religion and the Bible and its application to the social issues of the day and rescue religion from its highjacking by the religious right. We work to institutionalize this vision and show that there is a broader view of moral issues than abortion, gays and the other limited uses that the Right have made of religious belief. Sojourners is also embarked upon a campaign to show progressives that religion and values should be a part of their agenda too. (Washington, DC, 2004-2005)

Washington Area Women's Foundation

Worked with the President of the foundation to develop the framework for the "Portrait Project", an extensive research and communications project to assess the status of women and girls in the Greater Washington Metropolitan area in 2003. The project culminated in the release of a report (http://www.wawf.org/pdfs_docs/pp_exec_summary.pdf with the consultants playing a key role in the formulation of recommendations, writing and editing the report. (Washington, DC)

United Nations - UNIFEM (The Women's Development Fund of the United Nations)

Working with the Executive Director and her staff, developed the plan and led the implementation for this international organization to educate policymakers, mobilize resources and increase visibility of UNIFEM in the United States. The activities have included outreach to the White House, Congress and the State Department in 2002-2004. Identified and engaged the non-governmental community in this effort and created strategic partnerships to enhance the program of UNIFEM and present their work to the press. (New York, New York)