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Long-Range Development

Today, long-range development must be an expansive term including development of markets, networks, consumers and investors. A narrow view can hamper effectiveness. Development - the building and nurturing of relationships - is at the heart of success in a world where change is the only constant.

Virtually all enterprises -- private, nonprofit and public -- develop in a cyclical fashion of growth and consolidation. In these different periods the management needs are very different, but the similarities between different organizations in the same developmental stage are remarkably similar. And there are lessons from one sector that can and should be applied to others. We provide the range of expertise and services to enable enterprises to determine the resources they need to transition successfully from one stage of growth to another.

We work with organizational and institutional leaders (staff and governance) to help them determine long-term programmatic plans and how these fit with the needs of potential partners and investors. We help clients understand potential synergies so that there is a match between the investor and the innovator.

We help boards and staffs develop short-and long-range plans, write proposals and business plans and create strategic communications to support such efforts. Our focus is on helping clients build their own relationships over time.

Other resources are also important. If enterprises are to change successfully all the stakeholders have to feel that they are participating in the process, have their views heard and be the recipients of the training and development essential to their participation in organizational change. Therefore we offer advice and assistance in creating and servicing networks, arranging meetings and conferences and other linkages to develop engagement and loyalty.

We bring the experiences of other enterprises to the task of development to short circuit "reinventing the wheel." A full range of services is provided to ensure the continued successful development of corporations and nonprofits. These include program and organizational evaluation, the development and initiation of public policy initiatives, market and membership development programs, meeting and convention planning, and infrastructure planning for sustainability of networks and members.

Recent activities on behalf of clients include:

  • Creating a capacity-building initiative for an international NGO and aligning that with the private sector.
  • Developing strategic partnerships between organizations for synergy and expansion
  • Infrastructure planning for sustainability of networks and members