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Managing for the Future

Corporations, governmental agencies and nonprofits go through different stages as they develop, grow, and adapt. This requires regular examination - and often restructuring -- of organizational, staffing, training, funding, space and other elements. Our integrated service approach helps to ensure stability and growth for your enterprise and help you move from a vision to a successful operation.

To be fully effective in the 21st century companies and institutions must both reflect and have impact on their environment and reach out to stakeholders, decision-makers and the public at large. It is no longer true that any enterprise can exist in a vacuum but must often react to, shape and change public opinion and policies. Listening is the key to managing effectively in a changing environment. We listen to you, your staff and stakeholders and reflect that back to you in the form of recommendations on how to consolidate and shape your growth and sustainability.

Tarr-Whelan & Associates helps organizations and companies design and/or manage programs including public and external relations, advocacy, government relations, coalition building and outreach. We will help determine whether they will be done most effectively in-house or by consultants and act on behalf of clients to implement programs and/or select consultants. We assist enterprises to think through the impact of new media and communications technology for their future and apply it to solve problems.

Our hands-on experience on boards and staff as leaders of non-profits, coalitions, dot.com start-ups and government entities at the federal and state level, and, in some cases, through work in the UN, UK and international bodies, provides a sound basis for action. For our clients we have found, negotiated, established and managed strategic partnerships, joint ventures and collaborations in the United States and Europe.

Issue management is an increasingly important area of activity for nonprofits, but also for corporations. Tarr-Whelan & Associates provides a very "holistic" approach to issue management, message development and communicating internally and externally as a management function and has extensive experience with polling and focus groups.

Our management consulting services have recently included:

  • advice and design of college and non-profit restructuring plans
  • improved governance and board/staff relationships
  • implementation of expanded initiatives, products and services
  • development of start-up organizations and companies
  • conceptualization and strategic planning for campaigns