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Creative Strategies

We help you anticipate change, plan for the future and reach a new organizational plateau. The partners enjoy working with leaders and managers who see the need to be ahead of the curve and who want to manage or create change to reach the potential of their mission.

The partners have worked extensively with leaders at every level and run, managed and developed policy in the United States and Europe. With our clients, we have planned new areas of activity, launched new programs, products and services, built coalitions, initiated long and short-term grassroots and public policy campaigns and developed and evaluated plans for the growth of these enterprises in the short and long term. We have helped start-up companies and non-profits develop and execute business plans, identify and seek funding for projects, joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

To be able to develop, clients must know how current market conditions affect them, how the market is likely to change in the future, where there is opportunity for synergy or the challenges of competition. It is essential to assess the impact of demographic, fashion and political changes and figure out how to move and change to take advantage of "windows of opportunity." With our integrated service delivery as the centering principle, we can look at the entire enterprise including governance, structure, staff, products and services.

Cross learning from the profit and nonprofit sectors allows us to help our clients understand their "competition" in the broadest sense - whether this is the competition in ideas, products, services or technology. We assist clients in environmental scanning that is necessary for the development of winning strategies.

One of our special areas of expertise is the changing and growing role of women in the economic and political life of our country and the world. Successful ventures - both public and private - must maximize the potential of women and remove internal barriers to full participation in decision-making.

Strategic planning - whether for campaigns, reorganizations or new initiatives -- can only be successfully developed and implemented when it is inclusive, incorporates the ideas of staff, board and other stakeholders and creates buy-in for implementation. Building consensus for action is a hallmark of our work.

Successful business or non-profit strategies also frequently require a public policy, advocacy, public education or political element. With our experience, networks and contacts, we can assist clients to reach their goals in the state, national or international arena.

Our strategic consultation services in recent years have included:

  • Development of blueprints for national advocacy campaigns
  • Planning and implementation of major new initiatives
  • Creation of public education programs
  • Strategic planning and leadership development for governance and staff
  • Assessment of internal structures and external visibility